Alcoframe – Alcohol Abuse Detector

Project Description

Alcoframe is a unique devise that allows seamless screaning of massive numbers of workers for alcohol abuse.


  • 1 second per test
  • immediately ready for new test
  • contactless
  • minimal servicing
  • zero operating cost
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Amazing Alcoframe

Alcoframe was developed to provide safety officers with a powerful tool to control alcohol abuse at the sites where no compromises in safety are affordable.

Large enterprises, employing thousands of people across such industries as aviation, oil and gas, metallurgy, mining, energy and others are among the primary clients. The task to screen thousands of people on daily basis just before the start of the shift – seemed to be practically impossible.

Existing technology relies on biochemical breath analyzers, which have consumable parts and operate pretty slow. Multiply consumables by thousands and then multiply by number of working days in a year… Plus count the time losses… No wonder that only selective tests are generally performed.

Before. Until Alcoframe was introduced.

Thanks to its innovative analytical module which uses laser to screen the breath all of the downsides of mass screaning are eliminated.

Laser sensor gives accurate result in just 1 second. It is contactless, so no consumable parts are there. Also, no hygiene requirements are imposed. There are no moving parts, so it is nothing can break inside. The number of tests Alcoframe can perform during its lifecycle is practically unlimited; or say limited with lifetime of the motherboard.

It displays the result on the screen, showing the percentile of alcohol in just 1 second.

Alcoframe can be easily integrated into security gate system, may be synchronized with magnetic badges and store results in a database.

Perfect solution for serious challenge.


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