Metal 3D-Printing Machine

Project Description

M250 is best-in-class selective laser melting machine. It proudly possesses multiple unique advantages over competitive products.

Extended Info

  • 2 lasers covering 100% of the working surface each
  • can work with any metal powder from any supplier
  • patented mirrors system that almost does not require calibration
  • unique argon-saving system
  • builds with Steel, Al, CoCr, Ni and Ti alloys
  • 2 quality control systems
  • open software which allows to set any technical parameters
Inquire Details

Unique machine for Unique Tasks!

M250 was designed to cope up with the most ambitious tasks in the most challenging conditions.

One of the challenges that was successfully resolved – is how to make machine work with any metal powder, even with poor parameters? Say from unknown manufacturer or with limited specs?

Multi-level powder dispenser in pair with double quality control system copes up with challenges easily.

Add on top var-focal lens offering focal spot of 70 to 700 microns, and you get a reliable partner that has no tasks impossible.


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